You ask why?
The value of the remaining tokens increases as the number of people transacting during the listing increases. After a while, after trading at rising values, price correction occurs, resulting in ‘’late-buyer’’ traders losing a lot of money.
So, does this really have to be the case? Maybe…

Although traders sometimes guess very well how the future will be shaped, they cannot be the first to purchase the token of a new project due to some technical problems and impossibilities. In fact, a trader whose orders are not processed in this process may, unfortunately, be faced with the…

When you target a new listing and want to buy as many tokens as you can imagine, you may have only one concern: Will you be one of the first buyers of this listing? Honestly, no one can promise you that when you do this work manually with your hands. But QuickSwap Sniper Bot works with a very ambitious system that guarantees you to be the first or one of the first to buy. Let’s examine the algorithm.

What is the Working Logic of QuickSwap Sniper Bot?

QuickSwap Sniper Bot does not do the purchase directly via quickswap when a token is to be received. Instead, the transaction occurs directly through the router contract. This makes it possible to make purchases, scan the Blockchain world, analyze mempool and…

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