KuCoin Community Chain Sniper — KCC Sniper Bot

Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot allows you to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while allowing you to buy the latest tokens to be listed in the Kucoin chain world at advantageous prices. Moreover, there is no need to wait at the computer for this or to click the same button over and over to load your process.

With the Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot, it is possible to be one of the first to buy the tokens of newly launched projects at the lowest prices.

Even though you waited for the listing day many times, you were disappointed, didn’t you?
It can be quite annoying when you realize that you have taken the token from the top point in the race to buy the crypto money as soon as possible. Fortunately, it’s now easier to trade with the right trading bot!
The bot, which scans the token for the liquidity add transaction and completes your order by creating the most advantageous transaction chains in this way, follows the limits you set.

How many KCS do you want to spend at most?
At least how many tokens should be bought with the current KCS?
How long should the term of the transaction be?
Which newly listed token do you want to buy?
You can have a fully configured trading experience by specifying all these and more through the software you have downloaded to your computer.

Be The Leader of The New Listings: Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot
Explore how to use Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot in detail in that article:
After downloading the software to your computer, complete the connection of your wallet.
Did you connect to the network? Fantastic! Now it’s time to decide which cryptocurrency you want to buy. You need to enter the contract address of the token that you have been following for a long time and will be listed on the stock market you have determined. The system also needs your contact address.

Now it’s time for the necessary configurations! When trying to infiltrate listings with Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot, all you need to do is make the following adjustments:
First, make sure you have KCS in ​​your cryptocurrency wallet.
You need to decide how many Kucoin Token you want to use in the purchase order you will set later.
After deciding on the KCS amount, also determine the minimum number of coins you want to be bought with this amount. This setting means that if you don’t get the token at the right time and the price goes up, the bot will not automatically buy the token at an exorbitant price to make a purchase. because while you have ordered a minimum of 10 tokens to be purchased with this money, the rising price will only be enough to buy 7 tokens. This will ensure that the transaction is perpetrator rather than financially damaging.

Why Do You Need Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot? — Newly Launched Projects Will Be Yours!
Are you ready to experience a new generation, fast, and secure new listing buying experience with Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot? Today, we will examine an affordable and popular bot that draws attention in the crypto money world with its solution to the slippage problem.

Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot is a very popular bot available in the Basic and Plus version. This tool gives you the Basic version as a gift when you buy the Plus version. In this way, it becomes possible to automate different listings at the same time.
So, what about gas fees?

Kucoin Chain KCC Sniper Bot Handles Gas Fee!
What the bot does is copy the gas price from the original liquidity add transaction. The bot, which copies this price to the buy order, ensures that the transaction continues without any intervention. Bot owners generally say that you don’t need to do this during Basic bot operation. You can do this in Plus version operations. You can manually change the gas fee set automatically for the first snipe from the second commit.

What Else?
The other thing we like the most about this tool is its way of dealing with slippage. A setting called MinOutput has been put in place to prevent the bot from buying tokens at exorbitant numbers while making automatic transactions. This setting determines the minimum number of tokens to be received.

KuCoin Community Chain Sniper — KCC Sniper Bot

Originally published at https://thesniperbot.io on August 18, 2021.