The Sniper Bot — PancakeSwap Sniper Bot

The Best PancakeSwap Sniper Bot

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In a world that is increasingly becoming obsessed with cryptocurrencies. Sniping bot is something that has become all the rage and has gained a lot of popularity amongst the users. A sniper bot is an automated bot that is designed to monitor and submit information regarding a time-bound activity. Sniping bots are most commonly used to place bids on auctions, etc. Recently, sniper bots have gained traction in the cryptocurrency sphere. In the cryptocurrency sphere the sniping botallows you to purchase any of the newly added tokens from PancakeSwap or UniSwap at super-fast speeds.

The speed is so fast that it is literally zero seconds from the moment the tokens are listed.

The bot permits you to purchase any recently added token from PancakeSwap and Uniswap in swap trade paces (as long as zero seconds from the hour of the posting).

Here I bring you the best PancakeSwap sniper bot- The Sniper Bot. What separates it from the rest of the sniping bots is the fact that it does not cost thousands of dollars like the other sniping bots. The Sniper Bot is coded in Python and its code is totally transparent and you can check it using any of the content watchers, even Notepad. This ensures that the customer of The Sniper Bot trust the bot completely as they can track when and where their wallets are being used.

Game changer among sniping bots — The Sniper Bot

Key Features of The Sniper Bot

The Sniper Bot has many unique features such as:-

  1. It supports a lot of Swaps and Exchanges including PancakeSwap Sniper bot, UniSwap Sniper, BakerySwap Sniper, SushiSwap Sniper, BurgerSwap Sniper, Binance Smart Chain (BSC ) Token And Launchpad Sniper (BSC sniper bot), KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) Token And Launchpads.
  2. Its code is entirely transparent and anyone can view it at any time.
  3. You can use all the bots at the same time and all your information and money/balance are protected by the API that the software provides you.
  4. There is no need for passwords or log-in information. The sniping bot can be used by creating the algorithm you want.
  5. You can set Stop Loss, Buy/Sell Auto or Manual Orders, Set target Liquidity pools, Whale pools, set fees, etc.
  6. The sniper bot protects you from Rug Pulls with an AI launchpad.
  7. You can use the sniper bot for free with the 45 days free trial period.
  8. The sniper bot ensures that you aren’t late to any tokens listing or new launchpads without having to sit for long hours on your computers.
  9. It is compatible to be used on Windows 7 or higher.
  10. TheSniperBot costs only $150 per month after the 45 days free trial period, and you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

These features make The Sniper Bot the best sniper bot that is available right now, and at a very very affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Download The Sniper Bot and never miss out on any new token listings or launchpads.